13 Aussie phrases that all tourists should be familiar with before coming to Australia

13 Aussie phrases that all tourists should be familiar with before coming to Australia



Australian slang can sound very peculiar to the untrained ear, and the unique Aussie accent only makes it harder to understand (though accent thickness will depend on where you are visiting.)

So here are 13 phrases that you'll most likely come across while having a convo (conversation) with the locals.

1. Brekky or Brekkie (pronounced Breh-kee)
Brekky is short for breakfast.
"what's for brekky?"

2. Arvo (pronounced ar-voe) 
Arvo is short for Afternoon.

"I've got a class in the morning, but I can drop by in the arvo."

3. Avo (rhymes with poe
An avo is an avocado.
"I had some mashed avo on toast for brekky this morning."

4. Slip, Slop, Slap
You're more likely to hear this phrase more during the summer season when the weather's warmer. This is the motto that we use to help remind everyone of what to do to protect yourself from the sun. So the song goes: Slip on a shirt, Slop on sunscreen, Slap on a hat.
In recent years, this has also been extended to include Seek and Slide - Seek shade and slide on sunnies (sunglasses). 

5. Pot, Schooner and Pint (the second one is pronounced skoo-ner)
In pubs, there are three sizes in which you can order a beer. Pot is the smallest, Schooner is medium while Pint is the largest size. Some places will also sell "Stubbies" which are just small bottles of beer.

6. "Have a good one!"
This is a common Aussie phrase but its meaning will depend on context. For example, when making a purchase at a store, the shop assistant might say "Here's your change and your receipt is in the bag. Have a good one!" in this particular example, they're saying to have a good day. 
Another example "Happy Birthday mate! have a good one!" in this context, they are wishing for you to have a good birthday. 

7. How's it going? (it often sounds like "how-zit-goin?")
This is just another way of saying "how are you?" or "how's things?"

8. Macca's 
Macca's is the fond Australian nickname for McDonald's. You might even come across some outlets that say Macca's instead of the traditional McDonald's.
"yeah, I might go for Macca's run later."  

9. Mozzies (pronounced moz-zees)
Mozzies are also known as Mosquitos. 
"This repellent's not working! The mozzies are eating me alive."

10. Servo (pronounced ser-voe)
A servo is a petrol or gas station. 
"Might grab a pie at the next servo." 

11. Whoop Whoop
Whoop Whoop isn't an actual place. It's a word used to describe a place that is very, very far away.
"Not driving all the way to Bob's house - he lives all the way in whoop whoop!" 

12. Bottle - o 
A bottle - o is the local bottle shop. 
"yeah, so Bob went to the bottle-o in whoop-whoop and managed to get a few stubbies."

13. Skull
When a local asks you to "skull your drink" it means to finish your beverage quickly in one hit. At some pubs or events, you might hear some chanting of "skull, skull, skull!" The chanting will continue until the person has finished their drink. 
"Skull your drink and let's get out of here." 

Hope these helped! 

What's the strangest Aussie phrase you've heard? Let us know in the comments below! Apply for ETA to Australia on our site today! It's fast, easy and only takes a few minutes.

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