Benefits, Advantages, Processing and Fees

Benefits, Advantages, Processing and Fees

What's the Benefit of an ETA?

ETA's are great for a number of reasons! The first is that it reduces waiting times at the customs office. Once you have an ETA, you can just pass through the Australian border without being questioned about your eligibility to stay for a specific period of time in the country. 
Since the ETA is electronically linked to your passport, there's no need for a stamp or label and the system will immediately determine your admissibility much faster than a regular visa.  Processing times can vary - but many ETAs are approved within 5- 14 days (provided all information is correct).
ETAs are valid for 12 months from the date of approval and you are allowed to enter the country as many times as you like within the 12 months. However, you are only permitted a maximum of three months per visit.

Applying for an Electronic Travel Authority with Travel ETA Australia costs $15AUD which is $5 less than the cost of applying through the Australian Government site. You also get the benefit of urgent processing (if required), an easy online application form and the ability to check your visa status anywhere, anytime. 

Having an ETA makes your travel to Australia easier, faster, and more seamless. 

For more details about ETA benefits, please visit the Travel ETA site.  


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