How to check that your ETA is linked to your passport

How to check that your ETA is linked to your passport

Clients often ask how to check if your ETA is linked to your passport or how to check if it was approved.

So we've drafted a post that we hope answers this question a bit more clearly.

The ETA system was designed to make the application processing faster and simpler.
ETA applications are submitted online, and once granted, the ETA is electronically linked to your passport.  As it is recorded electronically, it does not have any paperwork that needs to be printed.
We understand your worries, as no other visa operates like the ETA and no–one wants to experience or cause delays at the airport.
Here’s how it works:
When you submit an ETA through the Australian Government site (, the ETA Reference number they provide is an internal reference number for their own system. It’s similar to a Client ID number or a Customer service number.
So if you don’t have an ETA reference number, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have an ETA, it just means that you didn’t apply through their website.
The Australian Government has stated on their site that if you applied and were approved for an ETA through another commercial site (like us!), then you do not need to verify with them.


Additionally, the Government has also stated that they cannot confirm validity over the phone for privacy reasons.
This is why it is so important to ensure that your email address is working properly and you can easily access it regularly before you start your ETA visa application. It is equally important to ensure that all the information you enter in your ETA application on our website is accurate.  The passport details you enter are the ones which will be attached to the ETA visa application.  If there are any errors or inconsistencies, this will affect the validity of your ETA.
Once your application has been approved, you will be sent an email with confirmation of your ETA and the expiry date.   It is not possible to provide a reference number as this is only issued by the Australian Government for clients who apply directly through that site.
All information we display on your profile is what we have received from the Government at the time of the application/result, and is accurate; unless you have re-applied/modified your application at a later date.
Please note that if you have changed your details or want to get an up-to-date status, you can use our ETA Status Check service, which is available for only $5 per check.
It is also worth noting that the Government have procedures in place with airlines to correct any problems with your ETA at the check-in at the airport; though any issues with ETAs are highly unlikely.
So how to make sure your ETA is definitely linked to your passport?
If you applied with Travel ETA, you can check the status on our website.
Go to and log into your profile. The ETA status we show you was obtained from the Australian Government at the time the application was submitted & received.
If it says your application was approved and your passport is valid for six months or more, you have nothing to worry about. It is advised that you keep the confirmation email in a safe place.
If confirmation and expiry dates do not appear, then it means that your application has not been approved yet.

If you need your ETA urgently, let us know through your Travel ETA profile and our team will be happy to help.
To send us a message through your Travel ETA profile, you need to:
1. Login to your Travel ETA account 
2. At the top right-hand corner, click on the down arrow and select My Account
3. On the left, there will be a list - select Messages and send your message through there. From there, our staff will be able to assist you.

We hope this helped! Enjoy your trip to Australia!

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