The best child-friendly things to do in Brisbane

The best child-friendly things to do in Brisbane
The capital city of Queensland is favourite among kids.  Aside from the ever-popular Gold Coast theme parks, Brisbane has a lot to offer in terms of keeping your children entertained.
So what do your kids like? Animals? Indoor activities? Anything artsy? Brisbane's got it covered.    
  • Hug a koala
There’s a lot of koalas in Brisbane parks, and most of the time you would just see them resting on a branch or frolicking from one tree to another. But if you want your kids to interact with them—that is, carry and cuddle them like a baby—you should visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The sanctuary also houses other endemic animals such as kangaroos, dingoes, and platypuses.  Admission fee for kids is $79.
  • Try trampolines
Trampolines are perfect for children. It'll expend a lot of extra energy in an acrobatic way. Fun doesn’t have to be complicated and demanding. The best places for this are Sky Zone Trampoline ($16), and Bounce Inc ($11).
  • Experience good ‘ol railroads
Take your kids a few years back and let them see the glorious railways of Ipswich at the Workshops Rail Museum. The museum will introduce them to the wonders of engineering firsthand as children can go inside real trains and walk on railroads. There are also interactive games and tours that will help your kids understand the city’s colourful industrial history. Children under 3 are free, but ages 3 to 15 need $12 to enter.
  • Feed the dolphins
Do your kids love animals? If yes, bringing them to Tangalooma Island Resort might be right up their alley. Here, they can hand-feed wild dolphins and see other marine animals firsthand. Fishing, snorkelling, or simply enjoying the waters of Moreton Island can help them relax after a long, tiring day. As it is a resort, you may have to book a room here.
  • Go go-karting
Kids can’t drive real cars in the real world yet, but they can have a slice of this at Kingston Park which offers go-kart racing for children. The park offers two levels for children, which are the kids Rookie Karts (for 5 to 10-year-olds) and the Kids Formula Karts (11 to 15). Admission fee for children is $30 for 9 minutes.  
  • Go artsy
Taking your children to art exhibits will teach them how to deal with their inner selves through paintings, music, and art installations at a very young age. The best place to do is it in The Gallery of Modern Art. Like most modern art galleries, there are tonnes of interactive activities designed for kids. The best thing about GoMA is that there are new exhibitions and activities every week so you can visit it twice if you plan to spend more than a week in Brisbane.  Children under 16 can enter for free, 17 and above need to pay the regular adult admission fee for $25.
  • Be sporty
Victoria Park's Putt Putt Mini Golf course has 18 holes, enough for your children to spend an hour or two completing the course while you relax. But the miniature gold game is too fun to ignore, and surely after minutes of watching them play, you’ll want to grab a club for yourself. After the game, check the artisanal menu at the Bistro or enjoy the food from Victoria’s new market carts. Regular admission fee is $19, while kids’ is $13.
  • Admire the city from above
Take them to The Wheel of Brisbane and let them see the sprawling beauty of the city from above. There are two times to catch the view at its best: first in the morning (to witness the hustle and bustle of the city, the efficient transportation system, and the magnificent structures); and at night (to appreciate the artificial lights illuminated by the entire metropolis). Admission fee starts at $13 for kids, adults have to pay $19.
  • Go deep without getting wet
The Australian National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour is for your marine life-loving kids. But this place is not only for seeing aquatic animals swimming behind the glass in wild abandon. If your children are into ships and submarines, this sophisticatedly designed museum is a good start. Regular admission fee is $23, while kids prices are $14.
  • Swim and relax
If you live in a landlocked country where beaches or any body of water is a rarity (or entirely nonexistent), the South Bank beach is the place to be. Maybe you can teach your children here to swim, or just stay on the sand for hours as you watch for the sunset to come and gradually cover the towering buildings in darkness. The best part is its free.

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